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I just want to perform a puppet show.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I want to find teens the next book they'll love, I want to help adults submit an online job application. I want to give parents the tools they need to encourage literacy in their family.

My employer thinks I am unsafe.

Libraries across the Greater Toronto Area have informed their employees that they will be fired two weeks before Christmas for not disclosing their medical status and/or not choosing to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

My library is not interested in the latest CDC data that says that vaccinated people and unvaccinated people contract and spread Covid-19 at almost identical rates. That's a bit strange for an information-loving organization, don't you think?

The CDC data means that when you get vaccinated you only benefit yourself, not society.

So why fire unvaccinated people? Is the library going to start firing other people that have risks to their own health? People with high BMIs? Smokers?

My library is not interested in all the policies and laws that these mandatory vaccination policies violate (Including Ontario privacy law and Ontario law regarding informed consent).

Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a puppet show.

You can read my response to Mandatory Vaccination Policies in entirety here.

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