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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Today, I helped a young, non-verbal child with autism choose her books. I made sure that she and her family felt welcome and comfortable in the library. I helped students find great sources for their school project and showed them how to put more books on hold.

Today, I read stories to young children. I helped families sign up for library cards. I helped homeschoolers find science resources. I got kids hooked onto new book series. I showed university students how to access our online journals. I found chapter books for a reluctant reader.

My library customers said "This is amazing!", "You really know your stuff!", "Thank you so much!", "See you next week!". And all the while, the thought ran in my mind: "The library wants to fire me".

It's very hard to work under these conditions.

I am an excellent children's librarian. I am being fired for no valid reason. I have read the data. I do not rely on headlines, but on actual data from the source.

Firing me will not help my community. Our Prime Minister says we should "Do the right thing".

I'm already doing it.

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