A Yound Man in the Library


Read. Think. Act.


"Do the right thing!"

Today, I helped a young, non-verbal child with autism choose her books. I made sure that she and her family felt welcome and comfortable...

No, thank you, it's against the law.

In my manifesto I list many reasons that vaccine mandates are unacceptable. For example: vaccination rates are not correlated with lower...

First they took away our voice

They masked us all and drowned concern in a chorus of Safe and Effective. Then the government denounced us as selfish and dangerous. The...

I just want to perform a puppet show.

I want to find teens the next book they'll love, I want to help adults submit an online job application. I want to give parents the...

Freedom Manifesto

In September 2021, all libraries in the Greater Toronto Area created mandatory staff vaccination policies. Employees have been told that...


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